Dathena has been acquired by Proofpoint

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Today we are pleased to announce exciting news, that Dathena (Dathena Science Pte Ltd) has been acquired by Proofpoint. Proofpoint's people-centric cybersecurity and compliance offerings protect the employees, intellectual property, and sensitive data of many of the world's leading businesses, governments, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations, including over 50% of the Fortune 1000.

Proofpoint has firmly established itself as a DLP world leader during the last few years. Joining them provides the Dathena team with a perfect opportunity to fulfill our mission of protecting sensitive data organizations worldwide.

Combining our unique A.I. data discovery and classification technology with the Proofpoint Information and Cloud Security Platform will bring data protection to the next level.

Dathena has brought together a people-centric and data-centric approach to its data discovery and classification technology since the first version of its product. Our A.I. not only provides "out-of-the-box" classifiers to recognize information, but also includes a classification review workflow which integrates people's feedback. As a result, the classifiers adapt to each client, and the classification accuracy increases over time. This is where innovation meets pragmatism for data protection that works.

Beyond the obvious technology fit, the management team of Dathena has been amazed by Proofpoint's working culture, vision and focus on performance. And that's why we think being part of the Proofpoint family will lead us to incredible success in helping our clients to safeguard information.

"Since we started Dathena in 2017, we have been approached many times for M&A opportunities, but it never felt right, either for our clients or the Dathena team. With Proofpoint, it was different: The technology and culture fit were obvious, and we are thrilled about what we will achieve together.” said Chris Muffat, Founder & CEO of Dathena.

Reflecting on the last five years, Chris added, "I’m very grateful to Dathena's staff for their hard work and commitment, and their extreme focus on the goals that mattered the most: A.I. Accuracy and Product Scalability. I am proud that we pulled together such a strong team which allowed us to take the company to another level."

Chris will assume the role of VP, Data Classification at Proofpoint, and bring Dathena’s A.I. capabilities into existing Proofpoint products and offer a Data Discovery and Classification stand-alone product to complement the existing Proofpoint solutions catalogue.

"This is an inspiring milestone for Dathena, which is a clear recognition of its unique value proposition. Turning the vision of the early days into an easy to sell, deploy and manage AI-powered data classification solution has been quite a journey. Now, joining Proofpoint, a world leader in Cybersecurity, opens huge opportunity to expand globally and contribute to strengthening trust in the digital world" said Christophe Aulnette, Executive Chairman of Dathena.

Claire Trachet and her team (https://trachet.co) have been advising Dathena since mid-2020 and played a leading role in the successful outcome of the M&A transaction with Proofpoint.


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