Fast-track Compliance with Dathena Privacy

Augmented Data Privacy ™

Augment your data privacy framework with a “superhero” solution that ensures your organization manages and processes personal data in compliance with regulatory requirements. Provide the ability to create a Personal Data Inventory automatically, and conduct Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). Help your organization to create a “privacy and data protection” culture.

Protect Your Customers

Identify and link personally identifiable information across documents – at scale – to ensure it remains private and in compliance with GDPR, CCPA, PDPA, LGDP, and HIPAA.  Easily grant your customers the right to choose if, how, and when their personal data is used. Preserve customer trust, improve customer retention, and increase customer loyalty.

Build Consumer Trust

Over 40% of online adults say they are likely to cancel an online transaction if they don’t like your privacy policy. Bottom line: consumers prefer doing business with organizations that have high ethical standards when it comes to protecting personal data, which can increase your revenues and grow your business.

Supercharge Data Protection with Dathena Security

Augmented Data Protection ™

Augment your data security framework with an industry-best security solution that provides granular and automated data discovery and classification. Reduce Cyber Security Costs, Manage Risk and Enable Secure Remote Work

Secure Your Data Anywhere

Augment data protection using automated data labeling. Identify and analyze source data across your enterprise, whether structured, unstructured, on-premise, or in the cloud. Discover where your data is located, who owns or modifies it, and who has access

Protect Your Brand

Advance your organization’s data protection policies and protect against data loss. Secure sensitive data exchanged with third parties and across your organization’s risk management solutions to reduce the risk of data breaches.


Flexible Choices to Meet Your Data Security & Privacy Needs

On-Prem, Cloud, Hybrid, you name it! Get the best deployment options for your business.


Save time and boost team productivity – our cloud solutions come equipped with everything large and growing team needs

Data Center

Dathena Data Center is our self-managed solution for complete customization and advanced administration at scale

Superior Technology

Dathena NEO

The Powerful AI Inside

Dathena AI Technology works to Deliver Explainable Solutions and generate Legally Defensible Outcomes

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Why, according to Forbes, Dathena is part of the 20 Best Cybersecurity Startups In 2020
1 Reduce Cost
We deliver immediate business value. Reduce your Data Protection License Costs by 80%, by protecting only your employees accessing to sensitive Information. Eliminate thousands of man/hours by reducing false positive alert by 80%
2 Fast
Dathena’s solutions are designed to seamlessly scale vertically and horizontally to support petabyte-scale data volumes. Dathena proprietary A.I. algorithms are 1,000 times faster than competitive solutions.
Dathena eradicates the AI “black box” by providing cost-effective, data-driven insights that are explainable, deterministic, auditable, and legally defensible.
4 Accurate
Dathena can identify and map data with unprecedented 99% accuracy, protecting personal and sensitive information better than ever before.

Open Ecosystem

Multi-platform, multi-cloud, hybrid data source integration. On both structured and unstructured data, while supercharging third-party data protection tools.

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