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Assess. Protect. Control.
We make data security simple.

Gain full 360° visibility on sensitive files and personal data, control risk and reduce data exposure, with clarity.
     • Assess your risk
     • Protect your sensitive files
     • Control your file sharing activities

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Our customers have control over their data

Dathena is relevant for all types of industries, from financial services and insurance to healthcare and more. Irrespective of their business, all our customers easily gain full 360° visibility of all data, control risk and reduce data exposure.

Automated data risk management for the modern workplace

Manual data classification is tedious, time-consuming, costly and prone to errors. Dathena’s automated data management is as simple as click-and-go. It’s the go-to solution for the modern workplace.

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The success of your data
security journey is our goal

Dathena’s patented AI-driven sensitive data identification, discovery and classification technology has one aim; to protect your data. Simply.

Dathena’s technology:
     • Provides transparency on how data is assessed
     • Eliminates data bias
     • Ensures you meet all compliance requirements, both internally and regulatory.

It’s what your organization needs, your regulators demand and your customers expect.

Explore our solutions:

We partner with the best

Our partners galvanize their operations with Dathena’s actionable data security insights and provide greater joint value to customers.

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Why Businesses Rely
Dathena's Technology

Dathena’s expertise is simplified data security

Our multi-patented AI engine automatically and accurately locates and identifies sensitive and business-critical data. It enhances existing data loss prevention tools to create data protection processes that fuse precisely with an organization’s needs. It empowers users to protect sensitive data, deliver secure collaboration and keep remote teams safe.

It creates trust. It saves money. It delivers.

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