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Security for SharePoint

Know what to protect.

Dathena makes it simple for you to protect SharePoint:
1. Plug in Dathena to your SharePoint environment.
2. Generate a comprehensive assessment of your users and their accesses to sensitive data.
3. Manage permissions in just 3 clicks.

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Do you know who has access to your
organization's sensitive files?

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Generate a Full
Assessment in 48 hours
Generate a comprehensive and actionable map of users and their data access privileges to identify what is sensitive, and map your data assets to users at risk.
Manage sensitive files
Manage Access Rights
to Sensitive Files
Easily manage user accesses to sensitive files. In just a few clicks, you can revoke access rights from users who should not have them to protect your sensitive files.

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Solution Features

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AI Engine

Powered by advanced, trusted, secure AI

Dathena’s solutions are powered by Dathena NEOTM, our multi-patented AI engine that quickly and effortlessly classifies your data for state-of-the-art protection.

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