EFS Keyvisual

Security for
Microsoft Teams

Control what is shared.

Dathena makes it simple for you to protect Teams:
1. Plug in Dathena to your Microsoft Teams App.
2. Understand the who? what? how? of your data sharing activities.
3. Control accesses to shared documents in just 3 clicks.

Do you know how your data
is being shared?

EFS Feature 1
Gain 100% visibility
across file-sharing activities
We automatically identify who in your organization is sharing sensitive files via Microsoft Teams with users outside your organization.
EFS Feature 3
Take instant action
to revoke accesses
Improve your data security standing by controlling access rights directly on your dashboard and revoking access to sensitive files by unauthorized users.

Take back control of your Microsoft Teams today

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Solution Features

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AI Engine

Powered by advanced, trusted, secure AI

Dathena’s solutions are powered by Dathena NEO, our multi-patented AI engine that quickly and effortlessly classifies your data for state-of-the-art protection.