ADP Keyvisual

Optimization for Microsoft Information Protection

Protect your sensitive files.

Dathena makes it simple for you to enhance MIP:
1. Plug in Dathena to your Microsoft Security Portal.
2. Classify documents in hours instead of months with our automated tool.
3. Protect your sensitive data in just 3 clicks.

Do you know how to protect
your sensitive files efficiently?

ADP Feature 1
Identify and classify sensitive, business-critical data
Using our AI-powered classification engine, we automatically and accurately classify your organization's sensitive data.
ADP Feature 2
Automatically generate data protection policies
Tailored to your unique data landscape, we automatically generate data protection policies specific to your organization's needs.

Enhance your MIP
tool today

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Solution Features

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AI Engine

Powered by advanced, trusted, secure AI

Dathena’s solutions are powered by Dathena NEO, our multi-patented AI engine that quickly and effortlessly classifies your data for state-of-the-art protection.