Our User Interface

Our product’s user-interfaces are built with end-users in mind.

We follow the following key Design Principles:


Our out-of-the-box product dashboards have a sleek and clean design that allows users to easily navigate and get to their desired results


We understand that not all users’ needs are the same. That’s why our modular dashboards are designed to flexibly display data based on individual user requirements

Actionable Intelligence

Thanks to our partnership with Nvidia, our GPU-powered technology allows users to deep dive into millions of data points, drag and drop data and access actionable results and intelligence instantly.

For instance, if there are 10 billion documents within an organization, the user can instantly filter them by department, check the number of documents that are accessible to one single person etc.

The interface is not limited to providing a high-level overview of the results. The user can dive into the details, understand problems and see how to fix them or how to better protect information.

Workflow Automation

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