Dathena Platform ManagementTM

Dathena is designed to be simple to use. You can protect and secure sensitive data from any data source and with any data security tool.

An Open Ecosystem

You don’t need to export data to new systems. You don’t need to invest in new security software. The proprietary Dathena Platform ManagementTM provides an open ecosystem environment for multiple software and technologies to fit and interact with each other.

Simplify Cloud Complexity

Simplify Cloud Complexity

As cloud adoption grows, organizations are leveraging multiple data sources and cloud providers to gain the most benefits.

  • This leads to multiple siloed systems in the same environment.

  • It makes it difficult to efficiently manage and monitor security.

Dathena Platform ManagementTM orchestrates different digital tools, so you have greater visibility across siloes, empowering your security team.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Thanks to seamless integration, we provide full data security and protection for the Microsoft Office 365 suite.


  • Dathena integrates with SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams to identify your organization’s files. This allows us to determine who is accessing what data and the sensitivity of files that are being shared.

  • Dathena also automates and strengthens the classification capabilities of Azure Information Protection (AIP) to better protect and secure Microsoft 365 data, and without the need to build complex data protection rules.


Data Loss Prevention

DLP rules are created automatically and with far greater precision than a person can achieve. Alongside greater accuracy, you also benefit from far fewer false alerts. You can also easily configure your own controls, can enhance your existing DLP tools and create your own DLP policies.

Technology Agnostic

Technology Agnostic

We have your data covered. Dathena Platform ManagementTM offers petabyte-scale solutions that integrate across multiple data sources and can analyze both structured and unstructured data.

Let our AI do the work

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