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Dathena NEOTM:
a trusted, advanced and secure AI engine

Discover how data-driven insights from Dathena’s purpose-built AI engine put your data security and privacy at the centre.

A Trusted AI Engine

explainable AI
A Trusted AI Engine

Explainable AI

A key component of Dathena NEOTM is its ‘explainability’ framework. This enables a user to understand how it makes decisions. The aim is to be as transparent as possible. You can lift the hood on our AI engine, look at each cog and see how it all works.

A Trusted AI Engine

Absolute clarity

All results from Dathena’s AI are clearly articulated and explained. Users always know how results are generated, what data is used, and what calculations are performed. Consequently, trust in data quality and the integrity of the algorithms are ensured.

An Advanced AI Engine

Big Data
An Advanced AI Engine

Build Tailored AI Models

Dathena leverages the unique power of purpose-built AI and separates itself from competitive solutions with a proprietary approach to employing AI technologies.

Whenever traditional approaches to using AI technologies and methodologies do not address the problems associated with scale, performance, and accuracy, Dathena develops new methodologies, protocols, APIs, and modules to ensure data privacy and security.

Eliminate bias
An Advanced AI Engine

Eliminate bias

Data errors can be easily made when the model for ‘training’ data is poorly designed. Dathena NEOTM has been developed in such a way that it doesn’t suffer from design flaws, which in turn ensures it delivers ethical and fair outcomes.

A Secure AI Engine

Legal Defecne
A Secure AI Engine

Meet legally defensible requirements

Legal defensibility is a critical component in any organization’s operations. It means an organization has taken all reasonable steps to protect itself and its assets.

Dathena’s focus on data quality and integrity, and a transparent and ethical approach to product development, ensures that our AI-powered solutions meet all legally defensible requirements.

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