Leverage the Power
of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is revolutionising many industries. Dathena is bringing its power to data governance so you can say goodbye to manual and repetitive work prone to human error.

AI in data governance

Dathena Key Technologies

Natural Language Processing

Analyses, understands, and derives meaning from human language in a smart and useful way

Machine Learning

Automatically learns and improves from experience without being explicitly programmed

Deep Learning

Utilizes a hierarchical level of artificial neural networks to carry out the process of machine learning

(re)Gain Control
over Your Data

Dathena sifts through all of your data to identify, classify and categorize. It can group documents by semantic, nature and topic. ​

​Thanks to revolutionary machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, Dathena is the
only technology on the market offering automated classification, categorization and detection features as opposed to static rules and keywords approaches.

62 % of organisations admit they don't even know where their confidential information is located*.

*2017 Forrester Study

Identify Data Ownership

Passive scanning of all files in your data repository and detect new information or updated records. Identify all files such as secret and confidential data, in any language, including special characters (e.g: Japanese kanji). Predict information and data ownership through embedded workflow.


You can only manage what you know about.

Assign a category, tag the relevant level of confidentially based on content and organization policies. Classify your data and log the results in a central database. Interact with any labelling tools to tag the classification within the file header.

Dathena automatically identifies the business value of emails, documents and database, making intelligent and scalable decisions on how that information is handled.

Monitor and Track

Collaborate with data stewards easily to provide meaningful insights and maintain context around your data. Come to the business with fact, rather than open questions.

Enforce and Promote GDPR Compliance

Associate file and record categories. Correlate data categories and last file update date. Enforce retention consistently. Dispose of data securely and promote compliance with your employees, top document creators and handlers.​

Dathena automatically identifies the business value of the data repository content, as well as toxic combinations of data, including PIIs, to promote data privacy regulatory requirements such as GDPR.