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Data breaches in the travel & hospitality industry are commonplace and increasing in frequency, sophistication and severity. Hotel groups, airlines and others operate data-rich loyalty programmes that house detailed information on the identity, whereabouts, travel preferences and financial resources of their customers. Little wonder then that these institutions and programs come under incessant attack by cyber criminals looking to misappropriate data. To create an environment where travellers can feel truly comfortable with the vast amount of data collected by the hospitality service providers, these must at all cost erect effective safeguards of guests’ data or risk facing both commercial and regulatory consequences.

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Secure Chatbot Data Flow

As the digitization wave spreads, Travel & Hospitality groups must develop new digital channels to increase engagement with customers and provide frictionless service for the next generation of highly mobile consumers. In doing so, these companies are creating and storing significantly more unstructured data, resulting in new, often unforeseen sources of vulnerabilities and inefficiencies.

Dathena's patended A.I. technology can solve this problem, and was selected by a leading global brand to develop a state-of-the-art data protection & privacy tool that automatically secures data flowing through its chatbots.

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