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M365 Smart License Management​

Optimize M365 License Costs and Maximize Data Security

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Achieve the Highest Level of Data Security at the Lowest price

With Dathena’s world-class A.I. solution, you can determine the best distribution of E3 and E5 licenses across your organization based on your unique data landscape and risk strategy​

Achieve up to a 60% cost savings from your M365 licenses without compromising security


Reduce Cost and Manage Risk

with Dathena Security Freemium edition by achieving up to a 60% cost savings from your M365 licenses without compromising security.

Free First Aid Kit​

Dathena A.I. automatically identifies employees at risk, based on who is accessing sensitive data.

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Secure Remote Work Package​

Enforce highly accurate A.I. designed data protection policies based on your unique organization needs. Get rid of your false positive alerts impacting your security team​

For small businesses
5 Data ​ Protection Policies​
$490 USD/mo​
For medium-sized businesses​
10 Data ​ Protection Policies​
$890 USD/mo​
For those with additional security needs​
15 Data ​ Protection Policies​
$1,190 USD/mo​

Deploy in 24 hrs for AIP, Azure DLP and Cloud App Security​

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Dathena secures data belonging to more than 200’000 users around world

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