Protect your Sensitive Data

Data breaches affect all organizations, and are increasing in frequency and severity. Causes range from a simple unauthorized transfer of data from an employee to fraudulent activity to international espionage. Whether preventable or not, the results are almost always damaging to the organizations.

Did you know?

$3.6 millon

average total cost per data breach


average cost for each record lost

10x to 100x

multiple of cost required to remediate a data breach versus preventing it in the first place

Our Solution

The Dathena Guardian Suite


Key Benefits

Accurate and comprehensive understanding of where all your data resides

Quick and accurate classification of your data according to business category and level of confidentiality

Automatic enforcement of your organization's data protection policies

Leverage our pioneering Artificial Intelligence powered technology to help you:

Discover Where your Business Critical Data Resides and Reduce Risk and Costs due to Data Redundancy
Quickly and Accurately Label Files with their Level of Confidentiality
Automatically Enforce the Data Protection Policies of your Organization
Supercharge the Effectiveness of your DLP Tools