Dathena Security provides dictionaries that easily integrate with many different data protection solutions to improve their security. The dictionaries also provide scored data and thresholds so you can easily identify sensitive data that cannot migrate to the cloud.

Enforce Agency Data Protection Policies

Get granular visibility into and control over the activities of your data. Identify and mask sensitive information when required. Detect and control unauthorized access and changes to sensitive data across your organization.

Improve the Security of Your Data Protection Systems

Better protect the security of the data managed by your Data Protection Solutions with customized key word dictionaries and strengthen the prevention of data leakage.  

Protect Top-Secret Data

Protect highly sensitive military and government data, including confidential, secret,and top-secret information, to protect military personnel and civilian lives.

Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Understand your data and make informed decisions about which data is cloud ready, which is not cloud ready, and why. Get suggestions on what data to encrypt, what redundant data to delete, and what stale data to archive. 

Experience Firsthand How Infinitely Powerful AI-Driven Data Protection and Security Can Be

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