Dathena Privacy and Security Solutions offer AI-powered data protection and security that uniquely address and resolve the problems associated with data privacy, data complexities, and regulatory requirements that financial institutions and insurers face.

Meet Regulatory Requirements and Reduce Compliance Fines

Up Your Digital Game

Digital Transformation is about your data. It is the foundation for building and accelerating the digitization and transformation efforts that differentiate your organization. But you need to govern and enforce how you use your data, manage it, share it, analyze it, protect it, and secure it. Dathena’s AI-powered solutions are designed to advance your data privacy and security posture so you can focus on the digital game and not spend time wrangling data and dealing with the consequences when a misstep happens.

Manage and Meet Compliance Requirements

Financial Services and insurance organizations are subject to a surfeit of government and industry regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, PCI, CCAR, IIPPA, and GLBA. Among other requirements, these regulations stipulate – under threat of fine – that personal data be kept private and never shared with unauthorized individuals. With Dathena Privacy, your organization can easily support these compliance requirements, reducing the risk of data leakage and the resultant compliance fines.

Capture Your Customers’ Trust
Achieve Immediate Business Value

Earn and Maintain Customer Trust

Your customers have the right to choose how, if, and when their personal data is used. How well you respond to these requests and enforce each consumer’s “right to choose” can make or break consumer trust.  Banks, insurers, and other financial services institutions across the globe rely on Dathena’s AI-powered solutions to advance their data privacy and security posture, earn customer trust and improve customer loyalty and the power of your brand.

Transform the Customer Experience

It’s best to be first and be best!  With Dathena,you can manage, analyze, and synthesize data to find innovative ways to protect personal data and identify new data/new ways to use existing data to outmaneuver your competition. As ForreFinancial services and insurance organizations are evolving from a product-centric to a customer-centric culture and understand that data is the key enabler. By analyzing and synthesizing data, your organization will better know your customers and their preferences and be quick-to-market with new products and services.ster states: “Insight differentiates a digital business.”

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