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Financial services organizations globally deal with high volume, variety and velocity of sensitive & valuable information, making them highly susceptible to data leaks, cyber criminality and espionage. Such organizations face increasing pressure from private citizens, governments and internal stakeholders to operate best-in-class data governance and protection solutions to avoid falling fould of ever-increasing regulations while upgrading legacy infrastructure to keep up with fast-paced industry disruptions.

Founded by an information security pioneer who held risk management leadership roles at multiple global banks, Dathena is uniquely positioned to understand and meet the data protection needs of financial service institutions.

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Secure Chatbot Data Flow

As the digitization wave spreads, Financial Institutions must develop new digital channels to increase engagement with customers and provide frictionless service for the next generation of highly mobile consumers. In doing so, these companies are creating and storing significantly more unstructured data, resulting in new, often unforseen sources of vulnerabilities and inefficiencies.

Dathena's patended A.I. technology can solve this problem, and was selected by a leading Swiss Bank to develop a state-of-the-art data protection & privacy tool that automatically secures data flowing through its chatbots.

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Leading Global Swiss Investment Bank
2 Top Global British Banks
5 Regional Swiss & Spanish Financial Services Groups
3 ASEAN Retail and Private Banks
2 Leading European and Thai Insurers