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With Dathena’s world-class A.I. solution, you can determine the best distribution of Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 licenses across your organization based on your unique data landscape and risk management strategy


Optimize your ​Microsoft 365 License Costs by up to 44%​

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Identify Sensitive Files
Gain insight on the volume of sensitive files your organization has and how much of it is being accessed by each employee.
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Actionable Intelligence
Allocate licenses according to the volume of sensitive data each user accesses.
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Understand the differences between Microsoft E3 and E5 Licenses' Security Features

Microsoft E3 vs E5
Partially Included
32.00 USD user/month​
57.00 USD
Identity and access management​
Threat protection
Information protection
Security management
Advanced compliance

Visit Microsoft for more information on the differences in features.

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