Automatically enforce your organization’s data protection policies across your data ecosystem and boost the security of your risk management tools.

Meet Regulatory Requirements and Reduce Compliance Fines

Enforce Your Organization’s Data Protection Policies

Get granular visibility into and control over the activities of your data. Identify and mask sensitive information when required. Detect and control unauthorized access and changes to sensitive data across your organization

Supercharge the Security of Your DLP and IRM Solutions

Better protect the security of the data managed by your DLP and IRM solutions to prevent data leakages.

Capture Your Customers’ Trust
Achieve Immediate Business Value

Secure Sensitive Data Exchanged with Third Parties

Protect highly sensitive business data – such as financial information, your customer database, research and development information, brand secrets, etc. – that differentiates your company, products, and services.

Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Understand your data and make informed decisions about which data is cloud ready, which is not cloud ready, and why. Get suggestions on what data to encrypt, what redundant data to delete, and what stale data to archive.

Improve Speed to Market

Features of Dathena Security

Intelligent Document Labeling

Quickly label files with almost 300 percent more accuracy – when compared to human labeling processes – thanks to Dathena’s use of proprietary AI technologies, including smart sampling and autolabeling patented approaches.

Fast and Accurate Classification

Classify at-scale unstructured data based on business category and level of confidentially – with an accuracy score up to 99 percent – so you can understand the data risks to your business.

Identity Management and Access Control

Reduce data privacy risk by automatically detecting illegitimate access. Stop unauthorized data consumers from accessing and changing sensitive data, while ensuring data is available on demand to authorized people.

Dictionary Generation

Develop and extract dictionaries from the set of Dathena-classified documents to fine tune your- data protection solutions’ keywords and supercharge the protection of any business-sensitive data.

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