Build trust in a digital world and assure the “privacy and data security protection journey," while reducing risk, decreasing costs, and accelerating speed to market.

Meet Regulatory Requirements and Reduce Compliance Fines

Meet Regulatory Requirements and Reduce Compliance Fines

Mitigate the risk of data leakage and the ensuing compliance fines, which can save your organization significant money and protect your brand’s reputation.

Capture Your Customers’ Trust

Capture and maintain the trust of your customers by protecting their personal data and giving them the right to choose if, how, and when their data is used.

Capture Your Customers’ Trust
Achieve Immediate Business Value

Achieve Immediate Business Value

Eliminate the time, money, and high error rates associated with manual label and classification processes and save your organization thousands of dollars a year. Alternatively, a DIY  data protection solution is a time-consuming and expensive project with no assurance it can scale to support ever-expanding data volumes. Dathena Privacy is a proven solution that protects personal data at-scale, driving immediate business value.

Improve Speed to Market

It’s best to be first and be best!  With Dathena,you can manage, analyze, and synthesize data to find innovative ways to protect personal data and identify new data/new ways to use existing data to outmaneuver your competition. As Forrester states: “Insight differentiates a digital business.”

Improve Speed to Market

Features of Dathena Privacy


In partnership with the third-party consulting organization of your choice, Dathena will perform a Privacy Maturity Assessment and Plan for your organization to identify, evaluate, prioritize, and respond to specific privacy risks and develop an action plan for improvement.

Register of Processing Activities(RoPA)

Dathena Privacy provides an automatic, up to date RoPA, identifying personal data and the purpose of processing activities with high accuracy, high speed, and broad coverage. It also provides an action plan that is continuously updated and ready to export for compliance purposes.

Subject Access Requests (SARs)

Dathena enables Consent and Request Management by linking personal data with data subjects and areconciling data subject personal data with data processing activities. Collect and store consent forms and retrieve this information as required. Automate the management of SARs to reduce costs and improve the accuracy of information and response times.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Dathena Privacy automatically performs a risk assessment to comply with GDPR or CCPA and suggests and automate remediation action. Identify user access privileges and suggest an Access Recertification Program for high-risk groups and users. Identify high-risk files for encryption and tagging and minimize data by identifying redundant and stale files. Ensure third-party organizations are compliant and protecting the personal and sensitive data you exchange.

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