Dathena helps you organize your data and understand the data privacy and security journey to enforce data governance rules, mitigate data privacy and security risks, and help you make better business decisions, faster – all while reducing your costs.

Meet Regulatory Requirements and Reduce Compliance Fines

Improve Data Governance and Stewardship

Dathena automatically identifies and analyzes source data and all links across the enterprise, whether structured, unstructured, on-premise, or in the cloud to help your organization improve data stewardship and enforce and continuously help you update your Data Governance Policies and Rules.

Reduce the Risk of Non-Compliance and Security Threats

Better manage and protect your data to improve its integrity and quality. Easily support GDPR and CCPA compliance requirements. Mitigate security breaches and reduce the risk of data leakage and the subsequent compliance fines.

Capture Your Customers’ Trust
Achieve Immediate Business Value

Make Better Business Decisions, Faster

Dathena improves the quality and accuracy of data. This engenders new data and creates more data with higher quality so you can discover  new methods to make better business decisions, faster.

Eliminate Manual Processes and Redundant Data to Reduce Costs

Automate how you discover and classify your data, detect duplicate data, get insights about outdated documents, and recommendations on how to optimize your storage system. Reduce data management and storage costs and minimize the risk of data leakage.

Improve Speed to Market

Features of Dathena Governance

Discover, Connect, and Catalog Any Data Asset

By analyzing millions of files per hour, Dathena automatically discovers where your business sensitive and personal data resides. Create a data inventory – quickly and accurately. Discover sensitive and personal data at scale – including information that is linked or linkable.

Quickly and Accurately Classify Data

Automate data classification of unstructured data at scale – with an accuracy score up to 99 percent – with the power of AI. Discover domain locations, data similarities, business term associations and get recommendations for continuous improvement.

Assess Risk and Take Action

Automatically perform a risk assessment at different levels to comply with GDPR or CCPA and get suggested remediation actions to mitigate risk impact or risk likelihood.

Enforce Your Organization’s Data Protection Policies

Get granular visibility into and control over the activities of your data consumers. Identify and  protect sensitive information when required. Get recommendations on data to encrypt and archive. Detect and control unauthorized access and changes to personal and sensitive data across your organization.

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