Meet & Maintain Compliance with Data Regulations

Data protection regulations are proliferating around the globe: GDPR in the European Union, CCPA in California, APPI in Japan, PDPA in Singapore, GDPL in Brazil and more. Compliance with these regulations has saddled organisations with significant financial & operational burdens.

Did you know?

4% of global revenue

Possible maximum fine for compliance failure under GDPR

$9 Billion

cost of GDPR compliance for US Fortune 500 and UK FTSE 300 companies

of businesses operating in the EU have had to hire at least 6 new employees to achieve GDPR compliance

Our Solution

The Dathena Citizen Suite


Key Benefits

Automatically fulfill data privacy & protection compliance requirements

Save time and costs by eliminating redundant data files and reducing man-hours invested in data privacy management

Minimize risks of costly fines and reputational damage by maintaining an up-to-date library of Personal Data

Leverage our pioneering Artificial Intelligence powered technology to help you:

Discover Where your Business Critical Data Resides
Identify What Personal Data you Store, Where it is Located and Who has Access to it
Perform Instantaneous Subject Access Requests
Track Regulatory Compliance Metrics and Take Action on Intelligent Insights