Enable Cloud Access Security

Today, all organizations either are moving to or will have to move to the cloud. Whether it be to increase operational flexibility, drive down data management costs or to promote mobility and internal collaboration, cloud access is fast becoming non-negotiable. In this transition, security of data living on or migrating to the cloud must be top of mind.

Whatever stage of cloud adoption you are in, Dathena can help you ensure that your migration to the cloud is happening safely, securely and in compliance with local regulations, so you can focus on your core business with peace of mind.

Did you know?

CAGR of Global Cloud Adoption


average number of cloud threats each month for the average organization

of organizations find that traditional security solutions fail to work in cloud environments

Key Benefits

Secure all data flowing to and from in-house IT architecture and cloud vendor environments

Get granular visibility into & control over the activities of your data users

Accelerate cloud adoption by empowering decision-making regarding what data to migrate to the cloud, how and when

Leverage our pioneering Artificial Intelligence powered technologies to help you:

Scan all your central repositories and create a comprehensive inventory of all  your data files and where they resides
Discover and Eliminate redundant data files, reducing your risk and data management costs
Identify business critical data and Understand who has access to it
Automatically and accurately classify and sort your information by business category, business criticality, confidentiality level and personal data contents
Automatically enforce the data protection policies of your organization and enhance the performance of any third-party information security tool
Monitor your network for security anomalies, Detect abnormalities in data access and data architecture and Speed up anomaly remediation