Classify your Data
Quickly and Accurately

Organizations of all sizes and sectors face an exponential growth of structured and unstructured data. This increases the need for better data governance, or risk exposing the organization, its employees and its clients to harmful exploitation.

Successful governance is built on highly precise data classification by business category and level of confidentiality. Current solutions are neither accurate nor time-efficient, which results in the underperformance of Data Loss Prevention tools and costly non-compliance with regulations.

Did you know?

Data volume increase each year, 90% of which is unstructured

Data Classification Accuracy

Our Solution

The Dathena Explorer Suite


Key Benefits


Accurate and comprehensive understanding of where all your data resides


Quick and accurate classification of your data according to business category and level of confidentiality


Understand & reduce organisational risks & data management costs

Leverage our pioneering Artificial Intelligence powered technology to help you:

Discover where your business critical and sensitive data resides
Understand who has access to your data
Quickly and accurately classify your sensitive data by level of confidentiality
Automatically identify the business category of all data files
Generate intelligent insights to inform risk reduction and cost savings