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Access Management Tool

Who accesses your organization's sensitive files and how can you control it?

Our plug-and-protect solution generates a comprehensive risk assessment and enables to you manage user permissions to mitigate risk.

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Do you know who poses the biggest risk?

Cloud computing is powerful. It’s the perfect platform for remote working. But do you know who is accessing what? Do you know how exposed you are? The problem is you can’t protect what you don’t know.

Unidentified Risks
Unidentified Risks Optimal data security starts with classifying and mapping your data assets and identifying what is sensitive.
Remote Employees
Remote Employees Define, create and maintain an accurate map of users and their data access privileges to avoid data exposure, loss and breaches.
Manage Access
Manage Access Manage your security by revoking access to sensitive files from users who should not have access rights.

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Access Management Tool

URA Feature 1
Generate a full data and user risk assessment in 48 hours
URA Feature 2
Map user access to data in minutes
Manage sensitive files
Manage access to sensitive files to reduce risk immediately

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users at risk

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