Augmented Data Protection

Can you prevent data loss and breaches?

Our plug-and-protect technology ensures ALL your sensitive data is protected – simply and automatically.

Do you know what to protect?

How can you secure at-risk areas you are not aware of?

Blind Spots
Organizational Blind Spots If you don’t know where your sensitive data is, you’re not alone. A Forrester survey revealed that over 62% of companies have no idea where their sensitive documents live, and how to start protecting them.
Unidentified Risks
Unidentified Data Risk Good data security starts with classifying and mapping your important assets and knowing who is accessing sensitive data.
Inaccurate Solutions
Inaccurate Solutions Existing DLP and CASB solutions fail to effectively protect sensitive data because they lack comprehensive accuracy to identify sensitive data.

Enforce DLP policies across major services and applications

Dathena makes all the difference

ADP Feature 1
Accurately identify sensitive, business-critical data
ADP Feature 2
Automatically generate data protection policies
ADP Feature 3
Easily enforce protection policies going forward

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Solution Features

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AI Engine

Powered by advanced, trusted, secure AI

Dathena’s solutions are powered by Dathena NEO, our multi-patented AI engine that quickly and effortlessly classifies your data for state-of-the-art protection.