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1. Plug In Dathena's ADP tool
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Document Classification - Keywords Creation - Policy Generation.
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ADP Feature 1
Document Classification Not all documents need protection. Dathena helps you find which files contain sensitive information and determine their label.
Whether it's Finance, Accounting, Legal, or any other label, Dathena classifies all of your files accurately and automatically.
ADP Feature 2
Keywords Creation Determining the right label for a document is only the first step. You also need to determine which keywords are the best.
We detect the most accurate keywords using statistical analysis. This limits false alerts to a minimum.
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DLP Policies Generation It has never been easier to generate DLP policies. You can do it in less than a minute thanks to the PowerShell scripts Dathena generates for you.
Our 360° dashboard will give you the overview you need on all your policies.

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