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Simplified data security and privacy

Dathena fast-tracks you through your data security journey. And it does so simply and efficiently.

Dathena provides a 360° cockpit view of all your sensitive files, automated risk controls, controlled user access and cost savings.

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Data and User Risk Assessment

Assess Your Risk

Dathena’s AI engine analyzes millions of files per hour so you can quickly and easily identify your organization's sensitive and business-critical data. This gives you immediate and actionable insights into exposed data.

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Augmented Data Protection

Protect Your Sensitive Data

Dathena’s AI engine automates the classification of your unstructured data and works at scale with near 99% accuracy. It creates DLP rules and allows you to discover domain locations and data similarities to understand your organization’s data footprint and establish a secure architecture.

External File Sharing Management

Control Your Users Access

Dathena’s AI engine automatically detects file sharing risk points, where sensitive data could be exposed. Create a new structure that ensures easy access for certified users and allows you to remove unauthorized accounts that are accessing sensitive data.

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