We care about your Privacy

At Dathena, we take your privacy very seriously and are committed to understanding your concerns and catering to your needs. As we use various technologies to enhance your experience on our site, we invite you to read our privacy and cookie policies.

1. Cookie Policy

Our website

Dathena’s website (the “Site”) aims to provide information about our company, its activities and services.

The scope of the Cookie Policy

The Cookie Policy explains what a cookie is, what type of cookies we use and for what purpose.

During your navigation on the Site, you (the “User”) always have control of your cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is saved in the browser on your device. When you visit a website and can send information back to the site this information is most often used to provide you with a convenient browsing experience like remembering your language preference.

Cookies can however be used for a range of different purposes, such as generating statistics, facilitating site security and/or correctly displaying information.

Do we use cookies?

The Site uses cookies. This section aims to provide information about which types of cookies we use.

First Party Cookies

These are cookies that we add to the Site ourselves. They are set by the Site when you visit it.

Third Party Cookies

These are cookies used within our Site that are set by other organizations, as we are active on several social media platforms and provide the User with the opportunity to connect with us on these platforms or share the Site.

In addition, cookies of third party organizations such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are used on some of our webpages. We recommend that the User read the cookie policies provided on their respective websites.

How long are cookies stored?

Our website stores cookies for different periods of time depending on the type of cookie.

Transient cookies

These cookies are erased when the User closes the web browser. Transient cookies are stored in temporary memory and are not retained after the browser is closed.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies enable websites to store User preferences. They remain on your device for a predefined period before their expiration.

How to control your cookies?

The User can control cookies through the browser and delete existing cookies.

How can you contact Dathena to be informed of more information related to cookies policy?

If you have any questions please contact: legal@dathena.io

2. Privacy Policy

As Dathena cares about your privacy, this Privacy Policy aims to explain what information we collect about you (the "User") and how we use it.

Our website

Dathena’s website (the “Site”) aims to provide information about our company, its products and its activities.

The scope of the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy explains what types of data are collected from the Users of the Site and how we use and protect your data.

What is “Personal Data”?

Personal Data is any data about an identified natural person or a person who may be identified by reasonable means that may be employed.

For instance, your name or your email address can be considered Personal Data.

Do we collect Personal Data?

The Site collects Personal Data when the User accesses the Site as follows:


The Site may use cookies, which collect personal information from third party services

Device and browser information

Based on Dathena’s legitimate interest, we may collect Personal Data from your device and browser such as browser specifications, language settings, IP address and operating system, incl. its version.

The Site also collects Personal Data that the User provides us by filling out the "Contact Us" form on the Site. By doing so, you are only required to provide your name and email address. Other Personal Data is not required.

Hence, by filling out the "Contact Us" form, you are consenting to us collecting and processing your Personal Data disclosed in the form, with that Personal Data to be used to respond to your message.

How do we process Personal Data?

At Dathena, we are committed to respect your privacy. Therefore, we process Personal Data under the following strict and consistent principles:

A lawful principle:

Data is only processed based on your consent and for the listed purposes only;

A security principle:

Your data is secured against any security risks;

A confidentialITY principle:

We do not disclose your Personal Data to anyone;

How long do we store your Personal Data?

All Personal Data is stored for a period of 5 years.

Third Party website or application

The Site cannot be held responsible for the collection and the use of your Personal Data by third party websites or applications, including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube.

How to contact us?

If you have any questions related to this Privacy Policy, please contact legal@dathena.io