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How the Data Protection Officer Journey Drives Dathena’s Data Privacy Framework

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With the continuing growth of data volumes, new regulations and consumer expectations, every Data Protection Officer (DPO) knows that data privacy will continue to be an unrelenting issue for both IT, compliance and business users. Combined, these issues beg the question, how will your organization ensure the privacy of personal data?

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  • How the Data Protection Officer (DPO) Journey drives Dathena’s privacy framework and the required product features.
  • The unique benefits that Dathena Privacy offers, which help its customers build trust in a digital world and ensure the “privacy and data security protection journey.
  • The technologies that Dathena has or plans to incorporate into its Privacy Solution to ensure it is the fastest and most accurate, cost-effective, and scalable solution on the market.

Read today to learn how Dathena Privacy can jump start your efforts with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and HIPAA while reducing your costs.

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