Dathena with Microsoft Modern Workplace –

Enhancing Data Security, Compliance and Cloud Protection

Tuesday, Tuesday, January 14th at 8.30-11am SGT

Combined, Dathena and Microsoft are positioned to join forces in a mobile, cloud first world to deliver automated, simplified, accurate and cost-effective data discovery, data classification and data loss prevention solutions to empower users to achieve more.

Discussion Topics

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Discussion Topics:

// 01

Microsoft holistic security strategy and key takeaways on current security landscape

//  02

How AI can help you detect data and owners at risk; identify PII and index it to data subjects

//  03

How AI can help you predict automatically data confidentiality levels and business categories

//  04

How to operationalize data privacy policies to maintain compliance

//  05

How to augment the effectiveness of DLP tools by reducing false positives

//  06

How to secure your migration to the Cloud

//  07

How to increase visibility, control and security over data stored in the cloud

Hosted by:

Shirshanka Bhattacharya


Shirshank is a Partner Technology Strategist working in Microsoft for 7 years and is well known on Modern Workplace and Security.  He works with Partners to bring all the latest Microsoft Technology to its customers.

Mark Dembitz


Mark leads Dathena’s Sales & Operations team in Asia Pacific, whose responsibilities include all customer-facing activities, from marketing & communications to business development, sales, partnerships and through to implementation & post-implementation support. Mark started his career in finance before spending 10 years in strategic commercial roles across various sectors including renewable energy and commodities. Prior to joining Dathena, Mark led Sales & Business Development in APAC for an aerospace start-up, where he focused on the commercialization of the company’s data products. He is passionate about the applied use of technology and its power to build a better world.