Building Trust in a Digital World

CIOs, cybersecurity and IT managers face a raft of issues to keep their organisations safe. Privacy concerns sit at the forefront. Dathena evaluates data sensitivity, protects it, and enables you to meet all compliance demands. It delivers data protection and privacy, with confidence and simplicity, creating trust among clients and consumers.


What does Dathena mean?

In Greek literature, Athena was the goddess of wisdom and war strategy. She was considered the wisest, most courageous, and most resourceful of the Olympian gods.

These characteristics were the inspiration, and encapsulation of what drives us, for naming our company ‘Dathena’, which takes the "D" from “data" as a prefix to Athena.

Our Awards and Achievements

Problem Solving

Successfully addressing your concerns

Constant breaches and personal data leaks have eroded confidence in technology and an organization’s ability to ensure privacy. CIOs and cybersecurity managers are under pressure to ensure that all personal data an organisation is processing is safeguarded in the privacy and protection fold.

This is difficult and expensive to manage without the help of technology.

Dathena provides an answer. It delivers:

  • AI-driven data processing and protection at speed, scale and with automation

  • Evaluates the sensitivity of data

  • Meets all compliance requirements, both internally and regulatory

In a world of uncertainty and complexity, Dathena delivers data protection and privacy - with confidence and simplicity.

Big Data

Data governance, privacy and security in the era of Big Data

We live in the Big Data era. Volumes of data are increasing exponentially, every week. We function in modern workplaces. Data is accessed and shared more easily, and in larger quantities, than ever before.

This new age of data sharing comes with a set of new challenges. The most pressing is the visibility of your organization’s data. How can you govern and protect your data if you don’t know which documents are sensitive, where they are stored, and who has access to them?

Dathena’s industry-leading solutions answer these questions at a petabyte scale and with unprecedented accuracy, efficiency and speed.

Our Values

Conquer the Mission
Conquer the Mission We strive to understand the information risk management problems organizations face, work to understand the broader impact and create data governance, privacy, and security solutions that are eminently scalable and simple to use.
Set New Standards
Set New Standards We are creators and pioneers driven by innovation and a passion to serve our customers with the best possible solutions. We create tailored technologies and set new data management benchmarks for security and privacy.
Inspire Each Other
Inspire Each Other People are our key asset. It’s their expertise and creativity that puts us out in front. We value, nurture, and empower them. Creating an inclusive environment is central to all we do.

Meet our Founder

An Information Risk Expert with a Mission

Christopher Muffat, Dathena’s founder and CEO, is a man with a mission. Prior to launching Dathena, he was the Head of Information Risk Management, Europe and APAC, at Barclays Bank.

It was in this role that he discovered that there was no readily available technology solution to address the bank’s onerous information risk management needs.

Leveraging his computer science background, he developed an artificial intelligence-based platform to solve the significant data management challenges the bank was facing.

This initial solution was subsequently expanded to form the missing piece of the information risk management puzzle: Dathena's core AI platform.

Our Story

Since it was founded in 2016, Dathena has known many milestones that shaped us into who we are today.

April 2016

Dathena is incorporated in Singapore and Switzerland.

September 2016

Dathena partners with PwC.

January 2017

The first Dathena ‘minimal viable product’ is developed by the founding team.

Founder’s team funds Dathena with USD $500k.

April 2017

Dathena acquires its first client.

March 2018

Raises $1.5M in seed funding.

Revenue reaches $100k.

Acquires 4 clients and 10 employees

March 2019

Raises $3M in pre-Series A funding.

Revenue reaches $1M.

Lylian Kieffer joins Dathena as CTO.

Acquires 10 clients and 25 employees.

April 2020

Raises $12M in Series A funding.

Revenue reaches $3M.

Acquires 20 clients and 90 employees.

February 2021

Dathena is accredited by Singapore's IMDA Accreditation@SGD programme.

June 2021

Dathena releases a new suite of innovative products:

  • Data and User Risk Assessment

  • Augmented Data Protection

  • External File Sharing Management

January 2022

Dathena is acquired by Proofpoint.