What Makes Dathena Different

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Why do our customers think Dathena is different?

It’s almost an instinctive reflex for tech companies to say the service and support they provide their customers is outstanding. However, it’s often the case that this simply isn’t true. Ask yourself why IT projects fail. Of course, there are many reasons but what we often see is a lack of resource planning, which incorporates service and support. For instance, many companies plan for timelines, meetings, structure, themes, and interfaces. But in the middle of this they fail to plan for resources.

Questions to be answered

What does resource planning involve? There are lots of things to consider, from questions about human resources to the required business changes and how the business benefits will be realized. How many tech companies ask themselves these questions before they embark on a project? You might think these considerations are self-evident but they’re not. What we also repeatedly see is tech stacks focusing on technical details and not business value. In short, at the resource planning stage little thought is given to the required business changes and how the business benefits will be realized.

At Dathena, it’s a point of honor that we get close to our clients, understand the business outcomes they are seeking and make sure we deliver on them. We don’t say “there’s the tech, it’s in” and then walk away. Rather ensuring the customer’s business outcomes are met is an important principle in our resource planning. To achieve this, we ensure a customer success team is incorporated into the project from the beginning.

Close up and direct

This team is committed to the customer from the start. They help to set up the tools, analyze customer requirements and bring the customer into the project. At the outset, the team shows customers how our multi-patented AI engine automatically and accurately locates and identifies sensitive and business-critical data. We show how it enhances existing data loss prevention tools to create data protection processes that fuse precisely with the customer needs and with minimal management requirements.

Customer needs

And it’s not just about the product. It’s about what the customer needs. Would an on-premises platform or cloud-based set up be more effective? How can we help you determine the sensitivity of the data you want to protect? We know that not all data needs to be protected so we help the customer rescope the project to save money and lower operational costs. Let’s identify your core business and existing processes and, along with data sensitivity information, feed this into our AI engine so you get the best possible outcomes, including improved productivity.

Shining with confidence

Even when the project is completed, we stay with you. We don’t go anywhere until knowledge is absolutely, 100 per cent, transferred and the customer is shining with confidence. And even then, we’re still close, at the end of a phone or onsite at the drop of a hat. This is the role of our customer success team, and they are at the center of our resource planning from the start. In short, we provide something that is closer to a managed services built into the project from the beginning. Our customers call it a partnership. We don’t say this, our customers do. And there’s the difference.


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