Remote Work Is a Risky Business; How Dathena Helps You Identify and Assess Risks in the WFH Era

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The COVID-19 pandemic has led millions of people to shift to remote work — and in the process, it has created major new security vulnerabilities for their employers. 

Cloud tech is enabling us to collaborate and stay productive, but it’s also leaving organizations with less and less control over exactly how data is used, or how networks and files are accessed. Inevitably, as our workforces grow more dispersed, our networks grow more porous. With data being accessed from an ever-increasing number of devices strewn across an ever-increasing number of locations, the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches is climbing steadily.


Part of the problem is the spread of “shadow IT,” which sees remote employees connecting unvetted hardware to employers’ networks and cloud infrastructure. In February, a PC Matic survey of more than 5,800 U.S. remote workers employees found that almost 61% were using personal devices for working at home — and fewer than one in 10 were using employer-approved antivirus software to protect their devices. 

The problem goes the other way, too: when employees take work-issued hardware home with them, it’s hard to control what they use it for. Opinium research indicates that 54% of remote workers have been using work-issued devices for personal purposes, including sharing their work equipment with family members. Even if your employees know how to avoid sketchy websites, or how to avoid falling for phishing attacks, there’s nothing to guarantee that their spouses or kids will use your hardware responsibly.

To rise to this challenge, organizations need new ways to quickly identify high-risk users or user behaviors, and to take appropriate action to protect them and keep sensitive data secure. 


Fortunately, a new wave of AI-powered innovation is giving us the automated tools we need to do just that. With Dathena’s patented AI solution, leaders can get full visibility on their sensitive data and users at risk in just 48 hours. Organizations can get a handle on their data and make informed decisions about which data is cloud-ready, which needs to be sequestered safely away from the cloud, and which needs further protection before it can be opened up for remote access. And IT teams can also get clear guidance on which data needs to be encrypted, which redundant data should be deleted, and which stale data can be safely archived.

Dathena’s free Data and User Risk Assessment solution empowers companies to automatically and accurately map users based on their access to sensitive data. It allows organizations to identify employees that access or handle highly sensitive business data — from financial information to customer databases — and ensure that it isn’t inadvertently shared online or made accessible via the cloud.


With Dathena’s Data and User Risk Assessment, companies can rapidly gain valuable real-time insights into the volume of sensitive files their organization has and how much of it is being accessed by each employee. Problems can be surfaced far more quickly, and remediation plans can be defined and implemented in minutes. 

The bottom line: remote work is making keeping track of data and protecting it from inadvertent leakage or malicious attacks far more difficult. But with automated AI tools on their side, organizations can reclaim control of their data quickly and efficiently. While no security system eliminates risk completely, with Dathena on their side, organizations can avoid crippling data breaches and keep their focus on the business at hand.



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