Pandemic is transforming cybersecurity needs, Microsoft study shows

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As we’ve written elsewhere, the COVID-19 pandemic triggered widespread disruption in the enterprise IT space as companies rushed to implement distributed work protocols — and that has created vulnerabilities that hackers and cybercriminals are eager to exploit. Now, Microsoft has produced compelling new data showing how companies are responding to those pressures, and the way that cybersecurity is evolving in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  

According to Microsoft’s survey of 800 global business leaders, 58% of enterprises will be increasing their security budgets in coming months, and 82% will be adding new security personnel — even though more than four fifths of enterprises say they’re under pressure to cut the costs associated with digital security.

That points to a crucial tension for IT managers, who need to rapidly find ways to do more with less. These are exactly the kinds of problems that Dathena was built to solve: we use AI to help companies automate the time-consuming and error-prone classification and protection of sensitive data, ensuring that IT managers can deliver reliable data security using existing resources, even during times of institutional change. In fact, Dathena’s tools can automatically identify sensitive data and flag files to protect automatically as much data in a single hour as a human worker can handle in 10,000 hours, freeing up your employees and IT specialists for more important tasks.

As Microsoft’s ISV technology partner, Dathena also helps companies to do more with less by using AI to manage their software licensing budgets more effectively. Our petabyte-scale solutions are the most cost-effective on the market, helping to reduce costs by 60% for data security and compliance licenses (such as Microsoft E5), by 30% for data governance, and by 80% for security operations, while also minimizing reputational and compliance risks.

Want to find out more? Get in touch, and discover how Dathena can help keep your company safe without breaking the bank — even during these challenging times.


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