How Dathena’s AI Solution Supercharges Your Data Protection in a Post-Pandemic World

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You can’t protect your data unless you know what it is, where it is, and how it’s being accessed and used. But the reality is that 62% of businesses currently fail to effectively monitor their most sensitive cloud-based files and documents, leaving valuable data and confidential information vulnerable to data leaks and cyberattacks. 

Companies were already struggling to keep tabs on their data and documents before COVID-19 struck — but the transition to remote work has only exacerbated the situation. Up to half of U.S. workers are now telecommuting, and many won’t return to their offices when the pandemic ends. In fact, estimates that up to 30% of the U.S. workforce will work from home by the end of 2021 — an eightfold increase over pre-pandemic numbers. 


With employees now doing their jobs remotely, organizations are rushing to move more and more data into the cloud. They are also having to adapt their security and IT infrastructure to the challenges of a distributed workforce, including the use of personal devices, unvetted “shadow IT” solutions, and consumer-grade IoT devices. These new vulnerabilities have energized cybercriminals: online attacks are up 75% in North America and 125% in Europe and the Middle East, making data security a critical priority for organizations of all kinds and sizes. 

As things stand, many organizations are seeking to fend off this new wave of attacks using tools that simply aren’t up to the task. Many still rely on legacy cybersecurity solutions that were never designed to manage the vast quantities of data flowing through today’s cloud-based enterprise ecosystems. 

The stakes are high. According to IBM, for UK organizations the average data breach costs $3.92 million in lost business and remediation efforts, up 12% over the last five years. In the United States, the cost of a breach for an average company is $8.2 million, and many companies also face regulatory scrutiny and significant damage to their brand in the wake of attacks. 

The Dathena Solution: Augmented Data Protection

To offset these costs and protect their data, companies need new cloud-ready solutions designed to manage data securely no matter where in the world it’s being accessed and used. That’s where Dathena’s AI-powered data security solutions come in: with Dathena on your side, you’ll be able to rapidly identify, classify and secure sensitive documents across your entire distributed ecosystem, and build a stronger data protection framework to ensure your most valuable files are never compromised. 

Dathena’s Augmented Data Protection solution automatically and accurately identifies sensitive or business-critical documents, and generates data protection policies that are customized to the specific risks associated with any given piece of information. By orchestrating data protection policies across your entire network, including all your remote employees and cloud-based data processes, we’re able to deliver 100% protection of sensitive data, along with an 80% cost-savings over existing data security operations. 


Because our solutions are using cutting-edge A.I. technologies, they can define and implement data protection policies that work in minutes, with no need for laborious manual data-classification, needing only minimal oversight by human engineers. They also dovetail with and augment other companies’ security tools — such as Microsoft’s cloud and Office-based solutions — so the automated capabilities extend to your entire network to boost security wherever your data exists.  

Dathena is committed to building trust in a digital world, and we would like to be your partner on that data security journey. Get in touch today to find out how Dathena can help you prepare your data security systems for the post-pandemic world. 


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