How Dathena Monitors and Restricts File-Sharing for the Modern Workplace

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The COVID-19 pandemic left millions of workers doing their jobs remotely, and using cloud-based tools to access vital resources and share sensitive data with one another. Some industries have seen adoption of cloud-based file-sharing technologies increase by up to 36% in the post-COVID era, and cloud spending shot up by 37%, to $29 billion, during the first months of 2020. 

That’s a big opportunity for cloud vendors — but also a big vulnerability for organizations that currently lack the cybersecurity infrastructure to manage cloud-based file-sharing securely. With nearly 43% of American employees working remotely at least some of the time even before the pandemic struck, and many organizations now considering making remote working permanent, we urgently need new tools that can help our businesses stay secure in the new era of distributed work.


The challenges are significant. Many remote workers are now accessing cloud services via unsecured personal devices, for instance — and even IT-sanctioned computers can be lost or stolen when they’re taken off-site. Web-based services such as Gmail, and file-sharing services such as Box or DropBox, can also be used to sidestep security protocols and gain access to improperly shared data. And with so many file-sharing options, it’s also growing ever-harder for CISOs to keep tabs on the ways in which company files are being shared externally with unauthorized third parties. 

Such scenarios present a critical risk to any business network, and malicious parties are poised to exploit any vulnerabilities they encounter. From accidentally leaking customer sensitive information to exposing corporate financial documents to unintended recipients, unscrutinized file sharing can result in costly data breaches that harm customer relationships, or can lead to intellectual property (IP) data losses that cause serious damage to your business. But in the era of remote workers, distributed hardware, and widespread file-sharing, it’s impossible to simply lock down your data and prevent anyone from accessing it remotely. What’s needed is a solution that enables and supports remote work, while simultaneously keeping your data safe.

The Dathena Solution: External File Sharing Management

To achieve that goal, organizations need a better understanding of exactly what’s being shared, and who has access to these files. That’s easier said than done: more than 62% of companies have no idea where their sensitive documents lie and are unable to safeguard them. That’s where Dathena comes in: using our suite of AI-powered data management tools, it’s possible to quickly and automatically identify all files shared with third-parties via collaborative tools for sensitive data.

Dathena’s tools take over the whole process of tagging sensitive data, removing a critical failure point for cybersecurity operations. And because the process is automated, it allows organizations to process and protect data 10,000 times faster than before. From a centralized dashboard, CISOs get instant insights into what has been shared, with full visibility into sharing dates, external access by public and business guests, and the risk level and amount of personal data associated with files. Armed with that information, organizations can reclaim control by revoking unauthorized parties’ access to files and thereby preventing sensitive data leaks.

The Benefits 

Once you understand what data you have and how it’s circulating, you can enable collaboration and protect sensitive files — because you can identify and tag the data that needs additional security and revoke access to files that should not have been shared while still giving your employees the flexibility to share information and collaborate effectively across a full range of cloud services. 

In today’s world of data apocalypse and information overload, it may seem daunting to keep track of how each piece of data and documents flow within or outside of your organization. But with Dathena, you can rise to that challenge more cost-effectively, with a solution that’s designed to effectively classify and manage your most sensitive data no matter where it’s being used. The remote working era and the rise of cloud-based file-sharing tools create new vulnerabilities for enterprises — but with Dathena, you can reclaim the upper hand, and keep your corporate information safe no matter where your employees are based.



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