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Assess. Protect. Control.

We make data security simple.

Gain full 360° visibility on sensitive files and personal data, and control risk and reduce data exposure, with clarity.

  • icon-check-circle Assess your risk
  • icon-check-circle Protect your sensitive files
  • icon-check-circle Control your file sharing activities
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Announcement: Dathena has been acquired by Proofpoint

Our customers have control over their data

Dathena is relevant for all types of industry, from financial services and insurance to healthcare and more. Irrespective of their business, all our customers easily gain full 360° visibility of all data, control risk and reduce data exposure.

Automated data risk management for the modern workplace

Manual data classification exposes you to risk

Old, manual processes are unreliable, costly and inefficient. Manual data configuration and administration typically mean data uncertainty and inaccuracy. This unpredictability exposes organizations to unwanted risk.

Automated data risk management for the modern workplace

Modern tools keep you safe

Dathena’s multi-patented AI engine automatically identifies and classifies sensitive data, allowing you to reduce data exposure. In today’s world of digital file sharing, regulation, and privacy requirements it provides unrivalled protection.

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The success of your data security journey is our goal

Dathena’s patented AI-driven sensitive data identification, discovery and classification technology has one aim; to protect your data. Simply.

  • icon-check-circle Provides transparency on how data is assessed
  • icon-check-circle Eliminates data bias
  • icon-check-circle Ensures you meet all compliance requirements, both internally and regulatory.

It’s what your organization needs, your regulators demand and your customers expect.


Explore our solutions:

Know your risk exposure

Dathena’s automated semantic classification identifies and locates sensitive data, including personally identifiable information (PII) so you can:
  • Carry out a comprehensive continuous risk assessment based on access to sensitive data
  • Export the results of the dashboards so you know precisely what needs protecting and where it is.
  • Monitor user access to sensitive data and ensure continuous risk assessment.

Compatible with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.

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Take your protection to the next level

Augmented data protection enhances DLP tools, enforces data protection, prevents data loss, and improves efficiency. It allows you to:

  • Categorise ‘at risk’ files according to business category, confidentiality and current data protection controls.

  • Generate and enforce your policies automatically

  • Configure your own labelling or DLP controls

Fully supports Microsoft AIP & MIP integration

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Share files with confidence

Dathena identifies all the files shared with guests through Microsoft Teams to ensure secure collaboration, prevent data leakages and stop unauthorized access.

  • Identify sensitive data in files shared in a chat, in a meeting with guests and among a team that includes a guest.

  • Revoke the file’s accesses or mark it as an exception if files are legitimately shared.

  • Alongside Microsoft Teams, it is also applicable for SharePoint and OneDrive.

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Dathena’s expertise is simplified data security

Dathena’s expertise is simplified data security

Our multi-patented AI engine automatically and accurately locates and identifies sensitive and business-critical data. It enhances existing data loss prevention tools to create data protection processes that fuse precisely with an organization’s needs. It empowers users to protect sensitive data, deliver secure collaboration and keep remote teams safe.

It creates trust. It saves money. It delivers.

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